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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions though, here are the frequently asked ones.

  • What is FunBookOnline.tk?

    FunBookOnline.tk is an plateform developed for Fun Loving. Fun creators from across the world can impress bored people in their country by adding fun posts to FunBookOnline.tk.

  • Source / Credit?

    We respect and appreciate originality and creativity. Hence, we would appreciate if you could give credit to the original source when uploading an image on FunBookOnline.tk

  • Why can't I see who Likes my Fun?

    To encourage fun and the maximum laughs possible, We keep it as a secret. Some people could be too shy to share their laughter with the world and therefore prefer remaining anonymous.

FUNBOOK Easy Keyboard Shortcuts

  • R - random
  • C - comment
  • H - hate
  • J - next
  • K - previous
  • L - like

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